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Top Rated Offshore Web Development Company with 650+ Experts in UI/UX, Mobile, SaaS, Web & Cloud. Are you looking for help with web, mobile, or software application development?

Since inception, I-Pix has come a long way in acquiring the expertise, experience and collaborative networking in developing software, multimedia content and ICT Consulting to match the pace of the technological advancements in the ICT domain.

At I-Pix, our custom software development involves designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for particular users or organizations. Our custom software is tailor-made to address specific needs, goals and pain points.

We use a concoction of traditional software development and innovation to create game-changing products for you. We deliver on-demand solutions for startups and enterprises by leveraging on the latest technologies.

Our solutions help empower your employees, products and organizations by adopting new technologies which untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and play a prominent role in ongoing innovation.

Our Clients

Offshore Software Development & IT Outsourcing Services

Technologies We Work

With comprehensive IT services and solutions such as business technology, digital information technology and cloud technology, we continue to fully meet the needs of our customers. We work on a comprehensive range of technologies to develop revolutionary solutions.

Projects We’re Proud to Show Off


  • Real time tracking of Emergency Response Team(s), assets, weather & other critical information
  • All-inclusive emergency response application to cater to offshore and onshore emergency events.
  • Enables the coordination of an effective response to any emergency / crisis situation.
  • Effective and consistent data collection for incident reporting / investigation.
  • A complete & automated audit trail.
  • Includes a complete suite of tools for training, drill and live emergency events.


  • Time & Cost Saving – Remove duplication, automate reporting, and effective action item management.
  • Email notification – for alerting approvers when actions are in cue.
  • Daily backups – with multiple unlimited logons
  • Capable to export multiple or single action sheet into Excel format.
  • Minimize documentation during review and approval stage of these actions, or rejecting actions with comments back to the respondent.
  • Status of actions can be monitored and all actions that require approval can get electronic / digital approval.


  • Simplified platform – to generate your Offshore Safety  Passport (OSP).
  • Mobile -Friendly – Be it on a PC or a tab or a phone, SafePass enables users to upload necessary documents and obtain their OSP wherever they want at their own convenience.
  • 24/7 Convenience – whenever there is a need for people to travel offshore be it for routine or for non-routine activities, SafePass is readily available for you to get your OSP.
  • Paperless System – SafePass encourages people to go paperless as they need upload all their documents online and have access to their OSP online.
  • Cost-Saving – SafePass, helps organizations to lower the cost and effort of issuing and acquiring an OSP for its personnel.
  • Secure – With a platform like SafePass you do not have to compromise on security as each user has their own unique id and password that is only accessible by the user.


  • A complete solution for managing your entire permit-to-work and isolation process.
  • A paperless system to control potentially hazardous activities, and is an integral part of a safe system of work.
  • Incorporates your own terminology to be configured together with the specific safety procedures.
  • Completely configurable for each scenario within your organisation.
  • Reduce administration costs with easy data entry and reporting
  • Gain traceability with digital signoffs and proper authentication technology.

Why Choose IPIX?

From our corporate office based in Malaysia and our dedicated development teams and R&D centers based in India, I-Pix has helped various organisations and brands reimagine their businesses with the help of innovative software solutions and team extension services.

Our custom IT solutions give your business the ability to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.


Clients Worldwide


  • Petronas Licenced
  • Ministry of Finance, Malaysia
  • Tenaga National Berhad, Malaysia
  • Tabung Haji, Malaysia
  • Universiti Technology Malaysia

Our Core Development & R&D Centre is ISO 9001:2015 certified

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What Our Customer Say

Info Quick UK Ltd.

I have only recently employed the team to work on one of my projects but have been impressed with their devotion to the tasks in hand and desire to get the job done. They have an excellent team ethic which helps in giving me the confidence I need that they will deliver the application I’ve envisaged.

Co-op. Credit Society Limited,Writers Building,Kolkata, India

After we deployed the solution we have managed to serve all our member account holders faster.

BusinessMovers.Tech Limited (UK Technology)

I have always found the work to be of good to very good standard and of excellent value. When issues arise, which they always do in technology, the team have overcome with and delivered on time.

Safeskill Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

The Team is extremely committed & devoted to the task at hand!

MyUniconnect, Malaysia

The team help us develop inhouse solutions to enhance student recruitment.. our core business activity!!

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    Providing solutions that empower your employees, products and organizations by adopting new technologies which untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and play a prominent role in ongoing innovation.

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