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The Real-Time Emergency and Crisis Management Software for Oil and Gas Industry.

ER360 for Oil and Gas Industry

The New product has been launched especially for the oil and gas industry named ER360. In case of an emergency or crisis in the middle of the deep ocean or a gas station, what will you do?

Introducing real-time multi-channel emergency communications alerting and crisis management software solution, ER360. It is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate effective communication, coordination, and response during emergencies, incidents, and crises within the oil and gas sector. This software solution provides a single view of the detailed information related to the incident, enabling better decision-making and response actions.

This software helps emergency managers to be informed about the whole situation that occurs in real time. By providing data-driven decision support, emergency management teams can make efficient decisions based on the event of an incident.

ER360 is the next big thing in the Emergency response software world. It has the ability to change the way the oil and gas industry controls the emergency situation. There will be no more panic, reckless decisions, and casualties.

With ER360, your online response center can log your data and provides all the crisis management information with a full personalized experience. From initial planning to post-incident reporting all can be managed through ER360. Help with this easy-to-use emergency and crisis management software, your emergency management teams can respond faster and more efficiently to any kind of risk.

“ER360 is designed not to do better but to do it differently.”

Key features and aspects of such a solution:

Multi-Channel Communication:

The software allows communication across multiple channels such as text messages, phone calls, video calls, and more. This ensures that alerts and updates reach emergency management teams as soon as possible.

Real-time Alerts and Notifications:

The system provides real-time alerts and notifications to personnel about emergencies, incidents, safety procedures, and evacuation plans.

Incident Management:

The software offers tools for managing incidents and crises, including incident documentation, reporting, tracking, and resolution. It allows personnel to collaborate, share information, and update the status of ongoing incidents in real time.

Resource Allocation and Deployment:

During a crisis, the solution helps allocate and deploy resources effectively by providing insights into available personnel, equipment, and other assets. This ensures a coordinated response and minimizes downtime.

Training and Drills:

The software may include features for conducting emergency response training and drills. These simulations help prepare personnel for various scenarios, improving their readiness to handle real emergencies.

Mobile Access:

ER360 is a  mobile-friendly application that ensures that personnel can access critical information and respond to alerts even when they are away from their workstations.


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